IELTS Preparation Full Guide App

IELTS Preparation Full Guide App

IELTS Preparation Full Complete Guide


This app is a must-have if you want to enhance your English or achieve a high score on the Ielts Test. - There are numerous English topics addressed… * grammar * conversation * listening ability * reading ability * speaking ability * around 3800 word flashcards separated into classes with word and meaning and audio

You will be confronted with a large number of vocabularies in the IELTS. As a result, we are providing you with this completely free programme that will assist you in easily remembering multiple vocabularies.

The common reading works with about 4000 words collected from various sources such as books, papers, and tests are included in the programme. Academic readings with several words are also provided and explained. This application is very user-friendly for IELTS Bands 8.0 and 8+.

To help you remember the term simply and clearly, all words are themes for word choice tests. We offer a large number of heading exams, which is the most challenging portion of the IELTS exam.

Major Features

- 3,000+ questions developed by qualified tutors that cover all aspects of the International English Language Testing System exam: Grammar, Vocabulary. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking are the four sections. - Achieve a good score on the IELTSĀ® exam by establishing the optimal background for users. - Use our in-app statistics to track your strengths and weaknesses. - For each question, detailed data on your progress are provided. - A study-related daily review calendar - Offline mode is supported. Support for text-to-speech and dictionaries

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