Couple in Trouble 2 - Jogo HTML5

Couple in Trouble 2 - Jogo HTML5

Couple in Trouble 2 is an adventure and puzzle game where you have to guide two characters between various obstacles to find the key.the game has thirty-five (35) levels ready and very well made.

When purchasing this product you will have a file in Html5, with documentation with some details and the source code.

With the source code you can make changes if you find it necessary to change the graphics or change the code. The game comes ready to interact with gamepad or keyboard and mouse and has memory storage for player scores.the game has a lot of good mechanics that you can also learn or use in other games like trampoline, snowball canam, spiny and much more.



- HTML5 game compatible with all browsers.
- Full HD resolution 1920px × 1080px.

What you get:
- Documentation.

- Source code included.

- html5 file.


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